Thursday, October 30, 2014

How Do I Keep My Imaan Strong?

You would not believe how often I get asked this question, and I still have not thought about it or pondered over this enough, to make a proper full-length in-depth post about it, because this touches some of the most deepest parts of me. 

So, I will merely start.

Mufti Menk.  
Video Series: Pearls of Peace 

If you have not listened to this video series, then please do.
If you have listened to it, then please do it again.
It will now be my 3rd time around, and in shaa Allah not the last. 

No words needed on my part.
The Quran is Our Peace,
We just need to properly comprehend it,
And make an effort to understand it,
And live by it,
To the best of our abilities.


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